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Posted in: Thyroid A busy tech executive who traveled all the time, Paoola didn't understand what an acquaintance meant when he asked, "Does your soul ever catch up to you?" until a cancer diagnosis shook her to the core.
Linda with a big smile


Posted in: Gynecologic Linda found that the lessons she learned early in life helped her fight challenges later with addiction and recurrent ovarian cancer

Mary K

Posted in: Gynecologic Test anxiety and fear of recurrence kept Mary on edge for years, but thankfully the intensity of the experience faded with time.


Posted in: Breast How do you map out your future when cancer has suddenly thrown your present into confusion?


Posted in: Breast Kim discovered that the fallout from a breast cancer diagnosis can go beyond the physical to impact emotional growth and precipitate so much change.
Robin building the ceiling

Robin S

Posted in: Breast Robin found that her breast cancer diagnosis unleashed complex emotions and lasting changes she continues to face.
Rebecca at craft fair painting


Posted in: Breast Rebecca found recovery to offer as many surprising challenges as the cancer itself, but eventually learned to accept that she would be okay.


Posted in: Breast After a day of falling apart, Michelle switched into autopilot to to get through cancer with her sense of self intact.


Posted in: Gynecologic Life is messy, especially when you are caring for 10 cats, three rabbits and a sick husband in the middle of your own cancer.
Lulu with her husband and daughter in the park


Posted in: Breast When you are as used to hard work as Lulu, you find the strength to get through cancer, one step at a time.


Posted in: Bone Recovery from cancer was only the first step, then Damian had to learn to walk again, and recover from the fall-out.
Ruthie in infinity pool


Posted in: Brain Nine surgeries over less than seven years for recurrent brain cancer hasn't diminished Ruthie's spirit, even if it has changed her world.


Posted in: Breast Hair loss and nausea turned out to be the least of Cathy's worries after breast cancer treatment caused some unexpected side effects.


Posted in: Breast Breast cancer didn't surprise Cass, but the side effects and after effects of treatment surely did!


Posted in: Gynecologic When she lost over 100 pounds, Deborah wondered, was it the dieting or was she dying from her recurrent cancer?
Patricia, Henry and their kids


Posted in: Breast, Lung Don't panic until you have to panic is a good approach when you and your husband get cancer diagnoses on the same day.


Posted in: Breast From being a control freak to accepting that "this was my reality" Crystal found cancer brought many adjustments.


Posted in: Breast Emerging from the cancer vortex, Terri uses her recurrence to educate and advocate for others on treatment and reconstruction options.
Glamour shot of Jillian


Posted in: Breast There is nothing glamorous about cancer, but Jillian found a way to look and feel glamorous despite the disease and its treatment.


Posted in: Breast Chanda was shell shocked when she heard the diagnosis, but felt lucky that the only thing she had to worry about was getting well.


Posted in: Breast Traci bears the weight of her metastatic breast cancer by baring it all to help others.
Charlotte and Thom preparing


Posted in: Breast With humor and loving support, Charlotte learned she was stronger than she had imagined.


Posted in: Bladder/Kidney, Prostate Denial, and the quiet support of those he loves, helped Tony cope with three cancer scares.
Ruth running with her dog in the woods

Sue M

Posted in: Gynecologic When cancer becomes chronic, coping becomes a habit.


Posted in: Gynecologic For Fatima, a cancer diagnosis changed her sense of everything in a matter of hours.


Posted in: Bladder/Kidney Getting through cancer was a process. But for Larry, the anxiety lingers even if the process is over.


Posted in: Gynecologic For an optimist like Robin, it's impossible to imagine a bad outcome, so even cancer is "just a blip."


Posted in: Gynecologic BRCA positive status and a prior abortion complicate Brenda's cancer anxiety.


Posted in: Breast Empathy and caring support make coping a little easier when the diagnosis is cancer.


Posted in: Hematologic Getting married in the hospital was never in David's plans, but neither was AML.


Posted in: Breast Sometimes, even the expected is unexpected—the what and the when can be the surprise.


Posted in: Breast Devastated but determined, Terri turned cancer's limitations into a world of possibilities for herself and others.


Posted in: Hematologic, Huyết học Is is worth risking a life to start a new one? Có đáng để mạo hiểm một tính mạng để bắt đầu cho một sự sống mới?


Posted in: Gynecologic Five recurrences, 88 chemo treatments and 19 million radioactive particles, but who's counting?


Posted in: Breast Neither professional expertise nor prior experience prepared Catherine for the anxiety of her diagnosis.


Posted in: Gynecologic Strong and self-reliant, Diane thought she could cope with anything on her own, but not cancer...


Posted in: Thyroid When advanced cancer turned up in his lungs, Jim turned to his faith to help him address his disappointment and anger.


Posted in: Melanoma Immunotherapy dispatched Eliot's cancer, but not the emotional enormity of the diagnosis.


Posted in: Hematologic Young, fit, healthy, Mary was ready for life's next adventure, until cancer made other plans for her.


Posted in: Hematologic A swollen toe and a sore rib turned out to be warning signs of cancer for Rick.


Posted in: Hematologic Elyse felt powerless against the isolation of cancer, until she brought her camera to treatments.
Flowering rose bushes with Sand Diego skyline in the background


Posted in: Hematologic Two cancers, three failed treatments and an emergency helicopter ride— Rich is pleased to be alive.


Posted in: Breast Truus, who was used to the dangers of a war zone, found cancer much more traumatic.


Posted in: Hematologic A devastating blow became congratulations for Pramod when he learned he had CML.
Christina and a friend


Posted in: Bladder/Kidney, Breast A strong support network and years of meditation helped Christina deal with the terror of a second cancer.


Posted in: Gastrointestinal Susie had completed grueling treatment for anal cancer and was ready to declare victory, until she heard the doctor say, “Not so fast!”


Posted in: Gynecologic After spending her anniversary in the hospital, the uncertainty of slow-growing cancer keeps Nancy on edge.


Posted in: Rare Military training helps Jeremy get the care he needs for his rare cancer.


Posted in: Rare Eileen counts her grandchildren as blessings while battling mesothelioma.


Posted in: Gastrointestinal Steve's first cancer helped him prepare for his second trial:stage 4 colon cancer.


Posted in: Gynecologic A near death experience is preparation for cancer, but not its side effects.


Posted in: Hematologic Param turned adversity into advocacy after his diagnosis with leukemia.


Posted in: Breast Taking control allowed Teresa to get through treatment and move on.


Posted in: Melanoma Eric battled with feelings of isolation and depression along with his melanoma


Posted in: Bladder/Kidney, Gynecologic Battling multiple cancers over 15 years, Angela can handle whatever the news brings.


Posted in: Breast A devastating diagnosis leads to a new perspective and new choices


Posted in: Bladder/Kidney Tackling bladder cancer renewed Brian's self esteem and changed his life.


Posted in: Gynecologic Carol finds strength in family, faith and going to the woods...


Posted in: Gynecologic, Rare Coping with cancer is like being tossed in the rapids.


Posted in: Gastrointestinal Michael used Al-Anon tools to help him cope with recurrent colon cancer.


Posted in: Gynecologic Third time's the charm for Anne's ovarian cancer.


Posted in: Rare For Paul, cancer is an opponent he can't see to fight.

Ann F

Posted in: Breast Being single, self-employed and bald makes the chaos of cancer challenging.


Posted in: Pancreatic Denial is a powerful strategy for dealing with an overwhelming diagnosis.


Posted in: Bladder/Kidney, Breast, Hematologic Four cancers later, she's still playing tennis, but has so many questions...


Posted in: Gynecologic What's the worst that could happen? After cancer, anything is possible.


Posted in: Liver Cancer is scarier than heart disease—it owns you.


Posted in: Breast Claire had a family history of breast cancer but was surprised by her diagnosis at age 40.


Posted in: Melanoma A fearful diagnosis brings clarity and change to a young mother.