Caregiver Stories

Being a caregiver to a patient you love is hard. There is the physical and time stress of doing all that needs to be done.  Even more overwhelming,  there is the emotional stress of seeing someone you love go through such a challenging ordeal. Often, these stresses are accompanied by fear and grief at a time of great uncertainty. This stress makes it hard to separate concern for the patient from concern for oneself. Some caregivers even experience guilt that their own psychological response interferes with their ability to be more supportive, and frustration that the patient continues to need so much.

The stories below show how some caregivers have coped with the challenge. In addition, you can read Caregivers Get Cancer Too to learn what the research shows about the emotional response of caregivers and how you can help yourself through the ordeal.

And if you would like to share your own story of being a caregiver, please reach out here.

Fran and Irwin taking a bite of the apple


Over three decades of dealing with cancer, Irwin has learned a lot about partnering in care.


Mei Fung's strength allowed her husband and sons to smile, love and go on.


How do you take care of everyone else when your own needs are so great?


Anthony 's focus on his son helps him cope with the loss of his wife after so little time.


When her husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma, Audrey went into high gear to make his limited time the best it could be.


Balancing your emotions after hearing a diagnosis of cancer is just the first challenge for a loving caregiver.


From scary diagnosis to ongoing uncertainty and vigilance, caregiving can be challenging.


Overcoming a sense of helplessness in the face of the inevitable.


Balancing the roles of doctor, husband, and caregiver can be challenging when you see the inevitable but want to deny it.