Every day, we understand a little bit more about how to cope with cancer. Through expert research, we’re learning what we can expect, discovering how to manage symptoms, even understanding how chemical changes in the body drive our emotions. Here are some of the latest revelations that might help you.

Coping with Cancer Pain

Understanding and managing cancer pain can help minimize the discomfort so you can get back to living.

The Death of Sleep

Cancer makes it so hard to sleep, but you can reestablish healthy sleep habits and to strengthen your immunity and aid recovery.

Gut Reaction Diet

Cancer disrupts the gut-brain connection and microbiome. Learn what you can eat to feel better physically and emotionally.

Book Excerpt: The Science of Recovery

So what exactly is happening in there that prevents us from jumping right back into life the day after treatment ends?

Coping with Cancer – Q & A

Coping with cancer evokes so many questions. Here are some from a recent webinar. Feel free to submit you own.

The Inside Scoop

Knowing in advance can help you prepare, or it can overwhelm you. What do you wish you had known?
Balance of control- sculpture in park

The Victim and the Guilty Survivor

Finding the balance between control and acceptance helps us deal with somewhat predictable cancer emotions.
Clinical Trial

Testing Your Way to Treatment Success

Often the benefits of participating in a clinical trial outweigh the downsides. But how do you know?
Relationships are hard under the best of circumstances. Cancer makes it harder

The Trouble with Intimacy

Maintaining intimacy is hard enough without cancer, but throw in a little anxiety, surgery and treatment side effects...

Coping with Cancer in the Age of COVID

Coping with cancer is never easy. Here are some ways to counteract the added stress of COVID

Heartache and Sorrow

Loss is an intrinsic part of the cancer experience, bringing with it, heartache and sorrow.
Cancer as a path

Straight Talk About Cancer

Metaphors shape our conversation and emotions around cancer.
A rose by any other name

Palliative, Supportive and Hospice Care

A scary name keeps us from getting the support we need and deserve.
down to the last penny

Double Whammy

Coping with cancer is hard enough, but we have to deal with the high cost of treatment too.

Why Me?

Understanding the recipe for cancer can shed some light on the question we all want answered.

Getting the Right Care

Partnering with your medical team helps you get the best care.

What’s Your Coping Style?

Coping is hard. Trying new ways to think and act can help you learn what works for you.

You Are Not Alone

Panic, fear of death, stress, anxiety, a sense of isolation and depression are common cancer emotions.

The Chemistry Experiment in Your Brain

Changes in brain chemistry contribute to the emotional turmoil of cancer. But you can quiet the storm.

Caregivers Get Cancer Too

Cancer caregivers experience complex emotions when caring for a loved one. Learn what to expect and how to help yourself be a better caregiver.

Finding Resiliency

Resilience is a muscle built by practice. Here are some things you can try to strengthen your resiliency.

Breast Cancer is Bad for your (Mental) Health

Anxiety and depression are common side effects of breast cancer, but not commonly addressed

“Alternative” is No Alternative

Alternative medicine is no cure for cancer. But complementary and integrative care can help.

It’s Never Too Late to Meditate

Meditation can help reduce anxiety and depression, increase energy and focus and contribute to well being.

Is Exercise Medicine?

Exercise can help minimize symptoms, speed recovery, reduce recurrence and maybe even prevent cancer.