Nothing can truly prepare you for the roller coaster of emotions unleashed by diagnosis. But, The Big Ordeal will help you anticipate, understand and manage the turmoil ahead. It will help you understand why you feel the way you do, making coping with cancer a little easier.

In Insights you will find information on neuroscience, psychology and oncology to help demystify the experience. And, you will find suggestions from professionals and fellow patients who have been there.

The Big Ordeal is also about patients and survivors and caregivers, sharing stories to help reduce the sense of isolation, inspire hope, combat fear and encourage healing.

You can read Patient Stories  and Caregiver Stories to see what others have shared.  And you can share your own story. Read on. Share. There‚Äôs a good chance someone you know is coping with cancer and could benefit from a little insight into why it is such a big ordeal.

My own ordeal started on a beautiful, blue-sky September day… Continue reading